OVERNIGHT RETREAT (one person only $899)

Go above and beyond the normal and take your imagination to a place where nature’s unspoilt beauty and peace allows you to totally relax your body and mind thus refreshing your soul and strengthening your inner being. As our guest you get to experience the most wonderful spa experience because it is pleasurable and fun, it transports you from the grind of everyday life. It elevates focus on physical appearance only to a level where caring about one’s state of mind, emotional well-being and stress reduction become important. This overnight package is for one person only.  In by 4pm and out by 10am the following day.  

Included in this package is : 

Dry Body Brushing session followed by a soap massage and rinsed off under our rain forest shower. 

Full Body Massage with essential oils and thai herbal balls

Reflexology foot massage

Shirodhara treatment

Para medical facial complete with microdermabrasion and eye trio

All meals included.

Bring only yourself and a wee overnight bag with sleepwear/change of clothing.