Blue Beauty Rooms

What our clients say.....(fabulous referrals)

"FABULOUS, Excellent service, inviting and warm welcome. I do not live locally and travel for almost an hour to go to the salon"

"This Beauty Salon is a LEGEND. I have been struggling to find excellent therapists for years and finally have found what I have been looking for a therapist that is dedicated to their work"

"I am pleased to recommend this salon to every woman who comes to the beauty salon not only for the treatment but also for wonderful relaxation and rest. Just after you open the door, you will be greeted with something to drink and a smile"

"A wonderful salon where you can meet professionals working, I am glad that thanks to a friend I came to this salon."

"Absolutely cannot recommend this salon enough, every time I go I get consistent, quality service. Pricing is more than reasonable. I especially recommend advanced skin care if you want to take years off you"

"This salon is really top drawer.  Very skilled beauty professional. They are very dedicated to giving you the result you came in for. Welcoming environment for anyone who wants their skin looking like a film star please pay them a visit."

"Great salon!! Great professionals who know what they are doing !! Wont be going anywhere but this place as long as I live in the Bay of Plenty area. Its managed like a very high end salon , the experience itself resembles that, without the hefty price tag !!  Don't delay - I am so thrilled I am a client of theirs"

"Amazing experience! My family and I are visit the beach often and needed some pampering for an event. I do not regret choosing this place because it's just so welcoming.   The equipment is very high tech and they are very advanced with technology.  Will come back here again that's a promise!